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2007-12-29: Part number of hood in lens table
2007-12-27: You can add comments for pages
2007-12-27: Test report of A700 updated
2007-12-27: Two new pictures
2007-12-22: My experience with the Sony Alpha 700
2007-11-23: Direct comparison in equipment table
2007-11-23: Sony filters
2007-11-20: New question in the F.A.Q.
2007-11-06: New color coding in equipment tables
2007-10-03: F.A.Q. updated
2007-09-11: 1.5 million visitors
2007-09-06: Tech info about new A700 updated
2007-09-05: New lenses from Sony
2007-09-05: Tech info about new A700
2007-08-08: New data in the lens and camera table
2007-08-07: New column in the lens table
2007-07-19: Slide show with Internet Explorer
2007-07-19: External news via RSS and Atom
2007-07-19: News archive
2007-07-16: External news
2007-06-14: Tech table of Minolta exposure meters online
2007-06-02: All you need to know about noise
2007-05-30: Another new F.A.Q. entry
2007-05-29: New entry in F.A.Q.
2007-05-28: New picture in "Landscapes" gallery
2007-05-19: New picture in "Plants" gallery
2007-05-12: New entry in F.A.Q.
2007-05-07: New entry in F.A.Q.
2007-05-01: New picture in "Insects" gallery
2007-04-21: Update of the Minolta Macro Twin Flash 2400 article
2007-04-16: Flash accessory information update
2007-03-26: Feed in Atom format
2007-03-26: One million visitors
2007-03-09: Announced Alpha lenses in lens table
2007-03-08: Announced Alpha cameras in camera table
2007-03-07: New picture in "Insects" gallery
2007-03-02: Three new pictures
2007-02-26: Lens table
2007-02-26: Camera table
2007-02-22: Update of the DOF calculator
2007-02-13: Flash table
2007-02-13: Lens table
2007-02-13: PMA 2007
2007-02-01: New article "The future of digital SLRs"
2007-01-28: New picture in "Spiders" gallery
2007-01-21: Again, new question in the F.A.Q.
2007-01-20: New question in the F.A.Q.
2007-01-15: Three new F.A.Q.s
2007-01-09: New question in the F.A.Q.
2007-01-08: Review of the Minolta AF 17-35/3.5 G – or: ultra-wide shootout
2007-01-06: Minolta/Sony F.A.Q.