SLT-A77/A65 Firmware 1.04 Upgrade

November 29th, 2011 - 01:09:49 PM:

Sony has just released firmware 1.04 for the Sony SLT-A77/A65 (for example, click here and here to download). As usual, this is a common upgrade that can be installed on all regional models. Of course, you will still get only the languages and features of that regional model.

The official improvements (compared to version 1.03) are:

  • Added more lenses supported by the lens correction feature. The newly supported lenses are: This means the A77 now automatically corrects vignetting, chromatic aberrations and distortion of 6 lenses.
  • Improved usability and response times
  • Improved image quality

I will update my A77 review as soon as I'm back home next weekend.


After installing version 1.04, I found there is no need to update the review. The reason is that none of the problems described there are fixed!

I can confirm that Lens Compensation works with the 16-80/3.5-4.5. Other than that and the version number, I do not find any difference! The control wheels react as sluggishly as before, turning off the camera still takes about 5 seconds, viewfinder switchover has not improved, and none of the problems and bugs described in my review were fixed. I read about the problem that in single shot mode the camera sometimes recorded two images with a single press of the release button. But I never experienced this before, so obviously version 1.04 does not fix this for me. I can not confirm that the shutdown hang was fixed, because I experienced it only once, anyway.